Venturer Service Project

Troop & Company went to Woodland Trails Scout Camp 2x in the past few months. they went from 03/10/24 until 03/13/24 and again from 04/05/24 until 04/08/24, mostly to try and catch the eclipse on 04/08/24 but also to clean the camp for SCOPE in May. Troop & Company had tons of fun at this camp despite working, they got to try new tools like Leaf blowers and sawzall's. 

Check back in on 04/15/24 as the Venturer team will be going back that weekend to continue their service project!

Thank you Scouter Christine for the delicious meatballs! They were amazing!

Everton Cooking Skills Camp

Here are some images from the Everton Cooking Skills Camp! Scouter Rick & Scouter Andrew took on quite an interesting project here!

Barber Scout Camp

Here are some images from Troop & Companies day camp @ Barber. We may have only gone for the day but we sure did have lots of fun!

Company Standard First Aid